Why Summer Is A Great Time To Heat Up Your Guitar Playing
By Ryan Duke 

School is out, the sun is shining, the weather is finally warm - now is the perfect time to have fun playing guitar, make huge improvements in your training and feel good about staying committed to your decision to play guitar. 

There is much evidence to show that sunlight increases our mood. Our emotions are a very important force in our daily lives. When you are feeling good, your confidence goes up, you are more cheerful and full of energy, more determined and motivated to get things done. Use this boost to your mood and positive energy to spend time playing your guitar. When you approach your practice time with positivity, you are more likely to sound better, go further with your playing and even have breakthroughs with new techniques while overcoming bad habits. Bring your guitar with you to the park to practice instead of staying inside on your coach on a sunny day. Spending time playing in the sun improves your mood by allowing you to soak up Vitamin D, you’ll feel great about accomplishing so much practice and you can work on your discomfort with playing guitar in front of others.

It is easy to be pulled in different directions as summer schedules change but do not let yourself be caught up in and distracted by new activities. Do not simply give up or change your decision to become a better guitar player. Continue on working toward your desired outcome. If you really want results, you need to raise your standards and stop making excuses. If you think “I do not have enough time” you do not have a reason, you have an excuse. You have time, you just have not made enough time for it. We always make time for what we think is important. If you think back to the reasons why you wanted to be a better guitarist in the first place. This will help drive you to keep going, to keep showing up, even when it is difficult. 

Due to sunshine and increased friendly moods, it is a great time to be in lessons meeting new people who share your musical interests. Having a musical community will add a lot of value to your playing as it opens up new opportunities to connect with people with whom you have similar things in common. You know the people who are enthusiastic, encouraging and you feel elevated just by being around them. Surround yourself with these kinds of people who have standards on themselves and their quality of work so that you can learn from each other. Having a guitar community means people to jam with, go to shows and festivals with, and support other students’ bands by getting a group together to cheer them on.

Summer is a time to be social. People are having barbecues, going camping, and making bonfires on the beach. Not only is it a great time to meet new people but its also the time to bring your guitar along. So many times when talking to prospective students they’ll say “I’d love to be able to play songs around the campfire and have everyone sing along.” This is the perfect time to do just that! Everyone will be so impressed with your musical abilities and have fun joining in with you. Wouldn’t it be cool to entertain your friends and family like that?

Many people make the mistake of quitting lessons during summer or put off starting them until fall. If you have been in lessons already and stop, your skills will begin to decline and you will loose the valuable knowledge you worked so hard for and invested money into during the year. We all remember returning to school after a summer break and completely forgetting certain things because your brain has been shut off from learning and not applying the knowledge for several months. It takes most of the first month of classes just to catch up to where you were before summer break! Guitar lessons work like this as well. It is important to keep your training on track by continuing to show up and put in your practice time. Use the summer time to grow your guitar skills and be that much further down the path of playing guitar.

About The Author: Ryan Duke is a professional musician, owner of SupertonicGuitar.com providing guitar lessons in Franklin, TN.