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“I tried learning on my own and from other teachers before for several years without much results.

Learning here improved my guitar playing in many ways. Everything is explained in a way which is easy to understand and use.

I not only improved my guitar playing a lot, but also enhanced my overall musical knowledge quickly” 

- Manav. IT Professional


“Being an intermediate guitar player, it took me a while to search for a coach who understands my need for not starting from the start. Working with Dhanesh is amazing, he understands what I want to achieve through my guitar playing and caters exact to it. Thanks and highly recommended” 

- Pranjal. Progressive Metal Guitarist


“Extremely fruitful learning experience. Safe, neat and clean learning environment supported by a very knowledgeable, understanding and professional teacher. Love every moment of it! Would highly recommend to everyone” 

- Priyank. IT Professional


"Earlier I used to learn guitar in school but did not get much results, but then I joined Dhanesh Sir's class and saw a lot of improvement in me and had an all new learning experience . Sir has a very different way of teaching with the help of examples which makes it easier for me to learn and I enjoy my time playing the guitar and would love to learn many more things in my upcoming classes. Thank you sir"

- Mr Raju Kalyankar, Business Owner. On behalf of his 10 year old son, Daksh. 


"Learning guitar is a wonderful journey and learning here made it even better. I had tried learning earlier but found it tough and was losing interest. Dhanesh's motivational words and his innovative techniques helped me play guitar better.I regained my interest and started practicing more. I learnt lessons that are not only applicable to guitar playing but are totally life changing. I enhance my musical knowledge and learn to use it on the guitar which is very interesting. I would love to continue this wonderful journey of playing guitar and learn more"

- Ninad. Architecture Student 


“Dhanesh is not only knowledgeable about different genre of music, but also has easy techniques to play them. Most importantly, the patience to teach - a must have quality for a good coach. He helped me learn few really amazing styles which enhanced my performance to a great extent. Thanks.”

- Param. IT professional 


"Really amazing and organised teaching. The lessons are very well structured for easy understanding of the concepts taught.The tricks I learnt here really proved to escalate my guitar playing quickly"

- Rohan. Engineering Student 


“I'm very thankful to Dhanesh for giving me the knowledge I needed to easily start playing guitar. He knows how to handle a beginner student and his lessons are so easy to learn and understand for a common person”

- Anandu. MBA Student 


“My experience with Dhanesh has been outstanding. He is very patient and had the right techniques to help me break a barrier in my Guitar playing”

- Lekshmi. Business Owner 

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