Why Are You Scared To Get Started With Guitar?

This is a topic that's very close to my heart and for various reasons. The number one reason is that I've been through the journey myself and I completely understand how you feel right now about your fears of getting stated with learning guitar.

These fears are also in most cases the biggest roadblocks in a beginners guitarists journey. One of the most common reasons that I've observed with beginners being scared to take up guitar is quite strange. It's something that's nowhere related to you or your guitar learning ambitions or experiences.

Many beginners students that I meet have these common fears about taking up music or guitar:

  • What If I'm too Old to start?

  • What if I'm not as talented as the others?

  • What if I don't get the time to practice and commit to guitar?

  • What if I end up embarrassing myself and my teacher?

  • What if it's just too hard for me to learn?

There are many other fears, but these are the most common ones. I can understand if these fears are because of self-doubt, which even I faced during my initial days with the instrument. But what drives me crazy is that most of the times the root cause of all these fears lies at a place which is totally ridiculous. I hear people say things like:

  • Because my friend told me you have to start young!

  • Because I've head that you need to have a natural talent and inclination towards music!

  • Because I was told that it takes hours of practice everyday to be able to ply well!

  • Because I've learnt that it's very hard to learn!

  • Because I've not won the DNA lottery!

To all these people, I have just one question "Who told you these things?" and generally the answer is somebody who hasn't even touched a guitar in their whole life. Are you kidding me? Do you see how funny this is?

The reason I find this even funnier is because, I myself never fitted into any of those qualification criteria for guitar.

  • I started playing the guitar after the age of 30

  • I definitely didn't have any natural talent, and struggled a lot during my initial days. More so because I didn't have my teacher then

  • I didn't spend hours practicing everyday to get to where I am today

  • I found it just as hard or easy as anything else that I've learnt in life

  • And I certainly did not win the DNA lottery

Now, you could argue that I had the passion and determination to get through the struggles, but I certainly lacked the biggest influence in the early days of my playing, which is my teacher.

So you can decide whether you want to trust somebody who has done it themselves and also successfully helped others achieve this in their lives, or the so called guitar learning experts with no real guitar playing experience.

All I want for you is to get rid of your guitar learning fears, and give yourself a chance to succeed at this. Because if you don't, you would never know whether you really had a scope for success here.

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