Top Reasons Why You Fail At Guitar

When I started putting my thoughts together there were many reasons I could think of that have a huge impact on the speed at which you can progress on Guitar... But out of all the reasons, I feel the below ones are the most commonly found if you are failing to learn despite wanting to make it big...

  • Not having a strong enough desire

I'm not going to sugar coat things here as I know what it takes to become an accomplished guitarist. It does take work and it does not happen in 10 days or 20 days as people claim about in their lessons and videos. But one of the reasons why you are not able to learn is that you haven't cultivated a strong enough desire in yourself to become a better guitar player. If you really have the drive and desire to become the guitarist that you want to be, instead of talking about your passion for music and guitar, you should be looking at taking the right actions to reach your guitar playing ambitions. This could include finding the right teacher, committing to learning, organising your practice and so on...

So ask yourself whether you really want to do it, because it will take some time, work and commitment and if the answer is yes, then start taking the right steps towards your goals, or else stop wasting your time looking for free lessons on youtube and google and please stop telling people how passionate you are about guitar and music. I don't mean to offend you, but this is the truth and I'm trying to save you from years of frustration.

  • Setting the bar too low

One thing that I often hear from beginner students is that they don't want to become a professional and want to play for hobby. There's enough research out there to prove that people generally don't stick to their hobbies for a long time. Besides, you playing guitar like a professional or at very high standards has nothing to do with whether you want to become a professional or not. I personally know many people who are not professional players, but play better than them. The moment you set out with this limitation in your mind that guitar is not a passion, it's just a hobby that I want to take up because I have some time now, you are setting yourself up for failure. I've always found students progressing 80% faster when they consider guitar as an important part of their lives, and not just a hobby that they want to try their hand at. If you really want to progress faster in music, stop treating it like a hobby and start reminding yourself how important it is for you.

  • Fear of being judged

We are always surrounded by people. While there are 99% people who would be encouraging and motivating, there'll be always the 1% that's waiting for an opportunity to judge you and laugh at you. Sadly if you avoid taking up guitar because of your fear of being judged by these 1% and you are scared of your failure, you are ignoring all the positive vibes coming from the remaining 99% of your world, including your teacher and fellow learners. So avoid the 1%, get a good teacher, find like minded fellow learners and build a community around you that will propel your progress. Few months down the line, you'll melt the faces of the same 1% that you are scared off, by becoming an awesome guitarist.

  • Advise from unqualified quarters

Often you receive advises regarding guitar playing and music from lot of people around you. Some would say that it's too late for you, you need talent, you need to practice all day and all kinds of things that are not true at all. The biggest problem is that none of these advisors would have played guitar ever in their life. Even if it's coming from a friend who plays a bit, how can you assume that if it was difficult for him/her, it's going to be the same for you as well. You are not aware of your friend's journey, did they have the right help, did they have all the other problems mentioned here because of which they are forced to advise you this way. When you are sick, do you prefer visiting a qualified doctor, or do you take advise from everybody around you?

  • Not having the right help

Which brings me to my final and most important point, which is the kind of help that you actually need. So if you choose to visit the doctor for medical help, why do you choose differently when it comes to learning guitar. With a professional coach by your side, the journey becomes much easier and fun. Find yourself a qualified guitar teacher who has done it himself and helped other people like you get better at guitar quickly.

If you are feeling bad because you identify with some of these problems, it was not my intention to hurt you. I wanted to share my experience with you so that you don't keep delaying your progress due to things that are completely within your control. You can easily overcome this and many other issues you face while trying to learn guitar, Book A Free Trial Lesson To find out how.