Think Like A Guitar Athlete

You feel great watching your favorite guitarist do amazing things on guitar, effortlessly. More so because it creates the music you love to hear..

It's similar to how you feel watching your favorite sportsman do amazing things on the field or court.

This is because playing guitar and getting better at it has a lot of things in common with becoming a better sportsman, like practice, focus, determination, patience, knowledge, improvisation, endurance, technique, performance etc.

You too can benefit a lot by adopting a top sportsman’s approach towards you guitar playing and practice.

Follow these 5 important principles in your guitar practice to see similar improvement in your guitar playing like you see in your favorite sportsperson's game...

  • Do Not Underestimate The Basics

Sportsman of the highest order do not have to necessarily work on basic drills to improve their game... But what you would observe is that the ones who never forget the basics are the ones who show exemplary progress in their game..

You need to take the same approach to practicing guitar technique. Don’t get satisfied by just learning a technique. Take it to the next levels in terms of application, integration, endurance, speed, accuracy, dynamics etc..

You don't have to do the same technique exercises for a lifetime, but something as basic as learn things slow first is what I'm referring to here...

  • Desire Improvement

What separates the top sportsmen or women from others is their desire to improve with every game and practice session.

This is done by consistently identifying the areas of improvements, and train with an accomplished coach, who can help eliminate these weaknesses.


When practicing guitar to get better, it’s absolutely essential that you also train with an accomplished coach who can easily help you identify your challenges, and is able to come up with methods that can help you quickly improve in those areas in shorter time.

Irrespective of whether you take professional guidance or not, Do not practice mindlessly and expect great results... Train To Win.

  • Improvise

A real game situation is always more challenging than a practice session. This would often need a sportsman to be able to instantly innovate over things that they must have mastered during training.

As a guitarist, you would also face this challenge in real playing situations.

You would have to break out of strict training instructions and innovate on the spot to make the best contribution to the music.

This would require you to master the basics and then go beyond the basics in terms or application of your learning, bringing together different aspects of your playing and musical knowledge etc.

It becomes imperative to train with an accomplished teacher over creative topics like improvisation, soloing and songwriting etc, if you desire to do it at a higher level than your bedroom...

  • Stay In The Process

The top sportsman continue learning from each move they make whether it's a game or a practice session.

This prepares them to handle different game situations in future better.

Most of the times the best learning happens through the losses they come across, and instead of mourning over what’s gone, they focus on the shortcomings that led to the loss.

As a guitar player, you need to focus on learning from every single move, whether it’s practice, Jam, Live performances, songwriting...

When you can’t deliver as per your expectations, do not focus on the “Why” and start focusing on “How” you could improve and ensure that it doesn't happen in future...

Focus on the process of learning, rather than evaluating the results all the time...

  • Proper Training Leads To Proper Results

Results will happen the way you want, only when you put in the right kind of work required. Just thinking about becoming a better sportsman does not help, what it takes is consistent effort put into training, nutrition, recovery etc...

Same applies to reaching higher levels on guitar. Take small steps everyday and focus on the training more than the end goal..

Also dedicate some time towards performance training if your goal is to perform with your guitar in future...

Adopting the mindset of a sportsperson towards your guitar playing will help in a lot of other ways than the ones mentioned here...

If you are an intermediate guitar player who's struggling to progress as per your expectations, Book a Trial Lesson Now to find out how you can instantly improve your guitar playing with same or even less amount of effort.