Step By Step Method To Singing While Playing Guitar

Are you struggling to sing your favorite songs, while playing guitar?

Do you have decent chord playing and singing skills, but not sure how to bring them together?

Have you tried practicing singing with the guitar but haven't made much progress with it?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then follow along to find out this 100% proven method to make singing with guitar absolutely effortless.

If you are an aspiring guitar player or singer songwriter, you must have had this moment of inspiration watching someone playing guitar and singing their favorite songs effortlessly.

If you are just getting started with guitar then this could be your first goal.

Unfortunately it turns out to be one of the most challenging aspects of learning Guitar, especially after trying out many different methods and long hours of practice.

If your existing methods are not working as expected, try out this simple step by step process with one song and post in the comments section whether you have observed any positive changes to your singing with guitar skills.

Remember, the best way to train yourself to do this is by having some fun with the Guitar and actually trying these steps out with as many songs as possible. So here we go

STEP I. Learn The Guitar Part Well In Isolation

This is exactly where most guitarists go wrong, trying to play and sing together when you are neither confident with the guitar part, nor the vocals.

Even trained singers would find it hard to play Guitar well and sing at the same time. This is why you find singers only sitting with the guitar during live performances but not putting any effort in playing it. They have the luxury of a band playing for them, and the band is not burdened by the responsibility of singing.

Imagine how hard would it be to do the job of the singer and the band at the same time.

But with a proper approach this can be made a lot easier than you think, and you don't need long hours of mindless practice.

So the first step is to learn the Guitar part well. Be it a Chord Progression, melodic Phrase or lick or anything. Get that down well enough to even attempt to start singing.

Get it to a point where you can comfortably play the guitar part at least at a slow speed.

STEP II. Slow & Steady Changes

Another typical mistake is to trying to replicate the rhythm of the song while you are still struggling to change chords on time. This typically leads to frustration as it seems too hard to accomplish.There are 2 actions you need to take here to fix this.

  • Change chords along with the song or a slower drum track

  • Playing steady slower rhythms when you change the chords

If you are not familiar with rhythms, approach a good guitar teacher who can guide you with rhythms or check out this article to begin with.

STEP III. Humming

Do not rush into trying to play the song yet. You still need to feel the changes and internalize the song structure before trying to perform it.

The best way to do that is to start playing the chords with slow rhythms while trying to Hum or sing the tune of the song without the lyrics.It also helps to stress or accent the syllables where the chord changes appear.

Once you master this step, it'll be much easier when you try to sing the actual song.

STEP IV. Add Rhythms

If you have followed the first 3 steps properly, you would already be very familiar with the basic song structure, the chord movements and have decent skills at playing the skeleton of the song.

It's time to make your song more interesting by giving it some Rhythmic variations. So at this stage you'll continue humming the song, while trying to play an interesting rhythm that suits the song.

STEP V. Start Singing

Now is the time to bring it all together, by adding lyrics to the song. It's guaranteed that you'll find this step much easier than before and would comfortably nail it, if you have followed the previous steps properly.

The most important point here is to not judge yourself and have fun with the song, irrespective of what speed or how accurately you are playing it.


One of the most important aspects of performing is to make it look as effortless, so just immerse yourself into the song and forget whether you are playing the right things or not.

Repeat the song as many times as you want and move onto the next song. Try out this method with at least 10 songs before forming any opinion about it.

BONUS STEP: Record The Song

This is a great way to train yourself for real-time performances.

So record yourself and share the recording with your teacher or well wishers for feedback.

If you are looking for fun and easy methods to learn guitar faster, head over to and book a trial lesson now!