Masterclass On Performing Vocal Songs With Guitar

Performing vocal songs on guitar is one of the most sought after topic for most beginner to intermediate guitarists. But did you know that there's a huge difference in performing vocal songs on guitar, and performing them like a professional.

Watch the below masterclass and apply the 5 tips and strategies you learn to make all your vocal performances stand out from the crowd.

So if it's a planned performance, you need to do the preparatory work outlined below:

  • Listen to the song

  • Find out the key, time signature and chords

  • Find out where the chord changes happen

  • Find out the emotions behind each of the song sections

  • Use a Capo to transpose the song for easier singing

Once you have the prep done, apply these 5 tips to guarantee a great performance:

  1. Listening & Analysing: Listen to the song many times over. Identify where are the Tension and Resolution points in the song, and figure out how you would be replicating that in your performance. Watch the video for details on this.

  2. Feeling The Song:.Grab the emotion of the song and internalise it. Watch the demo played at the end of the video to see this in action.

  3. Delayed Resolution: Delay the sections where you resolve the tension and make things unpredictable. Watch the demo at the end of the video to understand this

  4. Rhythmic Variations: Make your songs more interesting by using Rhythm more creatively. Watch the demo at the end to see this in action

  5. Become your own audience - Listen to what you are playing and use your own instincts to add your creative flair to the music. Watch the demo at the end to see this in action

How Do You Practice This?

  • Work on each of these tips in isolation first on 10 songs

  • Try to combine a couple of them for the next 10 songs

  • Try to use all of them in the next 10 songs

By this time you would become a high grade vocal performer. In order to achieve all of this, you would definitely need to work on your guitar playing and vocal skills separately and bring them up to a decent level. If you are looking for help with your guitar playing, and want to create top level vocal performances easily, then BOOK A TRIAL LESSON NOW.