Huge Beginner Guitarist Mistake That You Should Avoid

When we are just getting started with something, we are always dependent on somebody to provide us with the right guidance and direction. When the guidance is coming from many different people, it becomes even harder to decide which ones to follow, and we end up taking any advise coming from experienced quarters. However, in the process we also get carried away and trust everything that an experienced person on that subject is sharing with us...

What if that person has also taken the same path of following advice without any validation?

What if the advise has not really helped the development of others that we are looking upto?

What if there were better methods and learn something?

One such advise that many beginners fall prey to is about one of my favourite, but often overlooked topics by beginner guitarists, and that is CREATIVITY.

There is a common myth that before you become a master at something, you cannot be creative in that field. As a result, many guitar teachers avoid incorporating creative training methods in the lessons, and students keep believing that creativity on the instrument is way ahead of them, and sometimes out of their reach. This also makes many beginner guitarists to settle for mediocre results from their playing, as they feel that it would be impossible for them to ever come up with creative ideas on guitar.

But if there was any truth to this, then you wouldn't have found kids coming up with innovative ideas, without having too much knowledge on many topics.

The truth is that creativity is a totally different skill, independent of your other abilities, and everybody has it. It's like a muscle in your body, you just need to train and exercise it fo you to be able to put it to use.

In fact what I found with hundreds of beginner to intermediate guitarists that I've taught is that they progress much faster and feel more satisfied with their learning, when they are taught to include creativity training in their learning process...

Everything that you learn on guitar can be made creative, irrespective of what your skill level is. I make beginner students use their creative instincts right from DAY 1, and trust me it works.

Be it a new piece of music, chords, scales and arpeggios, or any other musical concept, I firmly believe and experienced that your understanding of any topic improves much faster when you start applying it creatively.

Let's say you train with a Chord Progression that you are working on learning. Once you have it underneath your fingers, you should try and be more creative and expressive with that idea. For instance, you can try playing the same chords as arpeggios, you can try playing a counter harmony with some other chords from the same progressions, you can change the rhythm to create something new and so on...

If you put your mind to use and learn using the right modern training methods, it's not hard to come up with endless creative ideas on guitar... If you find your guitar learning process to be boring and frustrating, and want to learn faster and better, I highly recommend you set some time aside in your practice session to make anything you are learning more creative and apply it to real musical situations.

If you are unsure about how to do this then BOOK A TRIAL LESSON and find out how you too can start applying creative ideas to your guitar learning and speed up your overall musical progress.