Can You Learn Guitar From Youtube?

We live in an age where check our phone before we are actually awake. On one hand, it provides us with more information that what we can digest, it's also a lot of times overwhelming and counter productive.

I've fallen prey to looking for free lessons on youtube and goole to learn and improve my guitar playing, and I'm going to share my experience with you all. I'll also help you understand what according to me is a better way to pursue learning guitar and music.

While you have all kinds of guitar lessons available on social media, there are many drawbacks to trying to learn from these:

  1. It's unidimensional lessons, where someone is talking and you are just listening and observing. If you have struggles following the instructions, you'll not receive any help to correct your problems and learn guitar faster

  2. It's random and not structured, and anything done in a random manner is not going to lead to expected results.

  3. There's so much information, but you never know what's right for you based on what you want to do with guitar and music

  4. How do you identify what is right for you at this stage of playing, and how do you take your playing to the next level

These are just a few, in reality there are many more issues that I have with people trying to learn guitar from google and youtube. I myself was a self taught guitar player for close to 3 years, with limited progress. The moment I found the right guitar teacher for myself, things changed within the first few months itself. A teacher can help you with the most important things required for you to learn guitar and music faster:

  1. Help you fix your guitar learning challenges and help get rid of roadblocks in your playing so that you can progress consistently faster

  2. Deliver lesson plans that are congruent to your guitar playing and musical goals and then structure the lessons in the right manner

  3. Instead of just loading you with information, trains you to get better on the skills you already have and take them to professional levels

  4. Knows exactly what you need to work on, to get to the next level faster

If these above things are in place, along with innovative teaching methods, your guitar playing and musical skills can sky rocket in a very short time.

If you want to know what's the best methods and roadmap for you to reach your guitar playing ambitions, BOOK A FREE TRIAL LESSON and find out how you can learn better and faster without having to go through struggles.