Biggest Mistake That Slows Down Your Guitar Progress

While there are many mistakes that we all make during the learning phase, there are some that have a greater impact on the speed at which we progress. While I was getting my thoughts together to talk about this, I made a list of all the mistakes that guitar players tend to make while trying to get better, and also narrow down on the ones that can have perpetual impact on their progress.

Today I'm going to talk about the No 1 mistake I see guitarists make, that can hamper their progress considerably. I myself made this mistake lot of times when I did not have a proper teacher. You'll also learn how you can quickly correct this mistake and take your guitar skills to higher levels faster.

During the initial days of learning, we are always curious about things, while being completely inexperienced about lot of aspects of music and guitar playing. If we don't have trained teacher or coach who can guide us every step of the way, we get lost even more into the huge maze of guitar playing. This leads us to try and seek all possible solutions and this is where the biggest mistake of them all raises it's ugly head and takes us deep down the rabbit hole that we fail to climb out of later. If you are lucky, you would survive through this phase and get back on track, but most people struggle and eventually quit. The mistake that I'm referring to is, "DOING THINGS RANDOMLY"

This mistake is not specific to guitar playing, it can be applicable to anything you do in life. Anytime, you do things randomly, without any organization or system in place, you will end up with dissatisfactory results, because you never really had a clear goal or vision in mind. For example, if you struggling with your Rhythm guitar playing, you could be facing many issues at a deeper level related to timing, muscle tension, two hand synchronization and so on... Now instead of identifying what's the exact root cause of the problem, if you try to learn more new and complex rhythm guitar parts, you are going to make things worse.. This will further impact your confidence and motivation and eventually lead you to quit the instrument... Same is the case with Rhythm Guitar, if you do stuff randomly like learning new licks and tricks, while having basic underlying issues like Fretting hand efficiency, picking hand articulation, muscle tension, 2 hand sync... You'll end up getting frustrated not being able to play your favorite licks....

Let's look at what can solve this problem and ensure that it never shows up again in your guitar playing journey... The answer is simple, instead of DOING THINGS RANDOMLY, start DOING THINGS SYSTEMATICALLY. Think about your favorite sports person, somebody who's at the peak or their game, do you think they are getting better by doing random stuff in their training sessions. Do you think they don't have a plan in place to ensure that they keep getting better consistently and remain on top of their game. If this was the case, you would never see a top sportsperson or athlete invest in the best of coaches and trainers who can help them get even better every single day...

Similarly, you need to find out what are the things you need to work on today to get to where you want to be in the future as a guitarist and musician. You need to be able to break down exactly what needs to be fixed, what needs more work, what needs more time, and what to avoid spending time on, during your practice to achieve the final desired result. Once you have these things broken down to the level of daily practice, things will become much easier, because now you'll only need to focus on the planned set of things in a systematic way. And the result is fast and consistent progress. Once you reach your initial set of targets, you just repeat the process to keep improving every time you play.

Change this one thing in your guitar learning and I can guarantee that you'll see massive improvement in very short periods of time.

If you are struggling to identify what are the things that are stopping you from progressing to the next level, BOOK A TRIAL LESSON and I'll help you create your blueprint to guitar playing success.