Super-Charge Your Guitar Practice

Get better guitar practice results by implementing these 5 simple steps...

  1. Create a Practice Schedule: This is the most important step. Do not just add random things on the schedule. This should be in line with the guitar playing results you want. An expert guitar teacher can help you create the best practice schedule for yourself

  2. Pick A Time Of The Day When You Are Most Charged Up For Practice: Fast progress on guitar requires complete mental focus during practice sessions. You don't need to have a fixed time for practice, but a fixed time of the day, like morning, evening, noon, night whatever best suits your time and schedule. Remember, this should be the time when you are most energetic, and least likely to be distracted by other things. Do this at least 5 to 6 days a week for best results.

  3. Have A Dedicated And Organized Practice Space: This doesn't have to be a full blown professional studio. Even a small corner of your house, or your room, where you can always have everything you need for practice ready and available. For Beginners, just having the guitar, a stand or computer and the practice materials would be enough. For intermediate to advanced players, your pedals, recording devices, DAW etc would be enough. Make it a place that you are likely to see more often when at home.

  4. Get Your Practice Materials Organized Before Beginning The Practice Session: This is very important, and probably where most guitar players waste their time during practice sessions. This becomes even more important, If you don't have long hours to practice. So spend 5 minutes in the beginning of the practice session to keep all your practice materials handy and in order based on your practice schedule.

  5. Keep Time and Log Your Practice and Results: Probably the most important of all the steps, and so easily ignored. This alone can get you to progress faster. Make sure you keep a log of what you practiced during last session, how much you did it, what were the results and your observations. A good guitar teacher would always insist on tracking progress of students, to make sure you progress at the fastest rate possible.

So there you have it, 5 simple and easy to implement steps to super-charge your practice results.

These steps don't cost you anything, and with the help of a good guitar teacher, the benefits from these steps can be amplified.

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