Musical Way To Memorize The Guitar Neck

Many beginner guitar players struggle with finding notes easily on the Guitar. Moreover, it's a frustrating experience trying to memorize the notes on the neck through traditional methods.

So here's one way of doing it in a more musical way. Follow along this exercise, and you are guaranteed to have all the notes memorized in the first position of the neck in less than 2 weeks.

Bonus learning:

These notations are not only individual notes played in the open to 5th position, they are also different Major scales.

If you consistently practice this, for few minutes everyday, you'll also have a better understanding of scales, and develop you ears to recognize scales:

How To Practice This ?

  • Be patient with this, it'll take a few days for your to familiarize yourself with the scales and note locations. But this works 100% and you'll be surprised with the results

  • Use these as your warm up exercises before every practice session

  • Play 1 or 2 scales in one session, and begin from where you left off during next practice session

  • Pay attention to the notes, and listen to the sound of the scale as you play it

  • Once you are comfortable playing these scales, start singing them loud with the note names while simultaneously playing the scales

  • Start with slow quarter notes or eight notes, and vary the rhythm as you become better at playing them after a few weeks

  • Keep doing it as a task for 2 weeks, and you'll thank me that you tried this.

  • If you are slightly more advanced than this exercise, then use the same principles to memorise the notes in other positions of the neck

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The Exercises

Ex 1 : C Major Scale in First Position

Ex 1 Audio

Ex 2: G Major Scale in First Position

Ex 2 Audio

Ex 3: D Major Scale in First Position

Ex 3 Audio

Ex 4: A Major Scale in First Position

Ex 4 Audio

Ex 5: E Major Scale in First Position

Ex 5 Audio

Ex 6: B Major Scale in First Position

Ex 6 Audio

Ex 7: F# Major Scale in First Position

Ex 7 Audio

Ultimate Goals:

  1. Playing all these scales in the first position, without having to look at the fretting hand or neck

  2. Singing the notes of the scales as you play along

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