A Must Watch Interview For Every Parent

Being a parent, I realize that the best feeling in the world is to see your child succeed at something they have put their heart into...

But over the years I've also realized that your child's success is more dependent on the vision and determination that you have towards the goals, that you want your child to reach in life...

If you are a parent who wants their child to succeed at anything, especially music, then these next 10 minutes are going to be life-changing for you and your child....

Watch this amazing interview of this year's "CBS The World's Best" winner, 13 year old Pianist Lydian Nadhaswaram from India, interviewed by none other than the Maestro AR Rahman...

Learning opportunity for all parents:

(Read this even if you have not watched the interview)

  • Expect your child to be unsure about their musical ambitions:

  • Lydian did not start his musical journey as a Pianist. He started with Drums, enrolled for tabla lessons, and ended up becoming an extra ordinary Pianist whose making all of India proud on a world stage:Your child may or may not be sure about their short term and long term ambitions in life, which is very normal. I know most of us did not have that understanding as kids. As parents, it's up to you to expose your child to things that they might be having an inclination towards. These could also be things that you want your child to do in later life. Provide your child with the opportunity to explore, and stay patient with the results.In Lydian's case, he obviously had an advantage of having a father who's also a musician, but think about it, somebody in Lydian's family some generations back would have been the first one to choose to learn music. Do you want your child to be the first of many generations to come?

  • Consistent, conscious and enjoyable effort is more important than any natural talent:

  • In the interview Lydian mentions that he practices for 5 to 6 hours a day. Do you think any child could be putting that much effort into something that they can't enjoy? Having said that, I do not recommend parents to force their children into putting in long practice hours, unless the child themselves feel like doing it. You need to constantly motivate and encourage your child to keep pursuing their dreams. Just like adults, children also have good and bad days and parents can go a long way in making sure that the child does not lose focus and keeps learning and improving consistently, despite the challenges.

  • Distractions are what causes children to lose focus:

  • During the interview, Mr Rahman consciously ensures that Lydian recognises the difference between what's important, and what are distractions in today's world.I understand that it's difficult in this day and age to keep children away from all the distractions thrown at them from all angles, like games, social media etc. But what is more beneficial for your child, sitting in front of a gadget for long hours, or training on their musical instrument? Keep your child away from the distractions, and the best way to do that is to get your child hooked onto something refreshing and productive, like playing guitar and making music.

  • Your support is the single most important factor in your child's success:

  • During the interview, Lydian keeps stressing on the fact that he receive unconditional support and sacrifices from his Father and other family members, and how it has fuelled his own success. When your child is on a journey towards their ambitions, parents and family members play the most defining role in ensuring that the child fulfils those ambitions in time. Just enrolling the child for music lessons to any school and paying the fees is not enough. You need to first, identify the right teacher who can provide the required training and guidance for your child's success. Next, you need to be determined about your child's progress despite challenges, and without being too judgmental about the immediate results. It's the process that leads to bigger and better results, and once your child learns the process of learning, results are bound to happen consistently.

P.S. Your child is also capable of achieving similar or even better results in life.

The question is, How much are you willing to understand and use the above mentioned learning?

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