How To Learn Songs Faster On Guitar?

The biggest problem with aspiring guitarists who want to quickly learn and perform Hindi film and pop music on guitar is that, they make it way more difficult for themselves, due to a number of mistakes.

Here I’ll list down some of the mistakes that prevent you from learning songs faster, and how you could avoid these and become better at learning pop songs faster.

Trying to learn the song exactly as shown in random instructional internet videos:

  • Before you jump to conclusions, let me clarify, why I consider this as the biggest mistake made by beginner to intermediate guitar players and how it slows down their progress on guitar considerably. Beginners attempt to learn songs from instructional videos on the internet, without knowing whether the way the content is played in the video is right for their existing skill level. The fact is, every piece of music can be customized to your individual skill level and learnt faster.

  • There's a simple solution to this problem which you can apply immediately and learn any song faster than you can think. Pull up a chord chart for the song, customize the chords to your own playing level and then attempt it. You can learn the piece of music exactly as played in the original song but you should do it only when you are ready for it. That doesn’t mean you can’t immediately start learning and performing songs. If you are not aware of how to easily customize any song to your playing level, approach a teacher who can help you do that.

Not analyzing the song before trying to learn it:

  • The most important thing is to understand the form of the song, breaking it down into sections and making it easier for you to learn each section. You can further divide each section of the song into multiple sub-sections and then work on putting it all together. An experienced guitar teacher can easily lay this out for you, so that you only have to focus on learning the song.

Not being able to play the chords required for the song

  • This is somewhat related to mistake number one. Chords are the most significant part of any popular song’s harmony, hence it becomes essential for you to learn to play them, especially if you are trying to sing the song. What most beginners do not know is that, every chord can be customized and made easier for your own playing level. You must attempt to learn as many ways of playing the chord on the Guitar over a period of time, but this should not stop you from learning a song quicker for performance, as the listener does not care which chord you are playing, as long as it sounds right.