Start Playing Like A Pro Quicker And Easier

  • Are you feeling stuck with your present guitar skills?

  • Have you tried many methods to improve your guitar speed, without much results?

  • Are you struggling to apply your guitar playing skills creatively while improvising or composing solos?

  • Do you want the right strategies to go from intermediate to advanced guitar playing faster?

  • Do you want simple ways to make your guitar playing sound better instantly?

  • Would you like to be able to use your present guitar skills and sound like a pro guitarist?

  • Do you want to improve existing skills, so that you feel great every single time you play?

  • Do you want to consistently progress without spending long hours practicing guitar?

If you answered YES, to any of the above questions, then I know exactly how you are feeling.


It's frustrating to have decent guitar playing skills, but feeling stuck at the same level with slow or no progress. 

The good thing is that, you can easily put an end to these struggles, and make fast and consistent gains on guitar through some simple and easy to apply strategies


“I tried learning on my own and from other teachers before for several years without much results.

Learning here improved my guitar playing in many ways. Everything is explained in a way which is easy to understand and use.

I not only improved my guitar playing a lot, but also enhanced my overall musical knowledge quickly” 

- Manav. IT Professional

How Can You Progress Faster From Intermediate To Advanced Levels On Guitar ? 

It's common for guitar players to feel stuck after getting the basic rhythm and lead skills down.You may also struggle to be able to use your existing skills to desired effect. You may know a lot of chords, scales and a bunch of music theory concepts, but struggle to use any of these to create the music you want

You may have also tried many options to improve your playing and musical skills by trying to learn online, from untrained or average guitar teachers, jumping between books and video lessons, and in the process, lost a lot of time, money and efforts, without much results. 

All this leads to frustration and eventually drops your motivation to keep improving and reaching your guitar playing ambitions. 

I myself have gone through all of these phases of struggle, and found that none of the methods described above can get you the results you want to see in your guitar playing. 

What turned it around for me was a simple decision to stop wasting time, money and efforts on any of these methods, and instead invest it with an accomplished guitar teacher, with a proven track record. 

I instantly knew that I was on the right track, and also started experiencing massive difference in my guitar playing and musical skills in a very short period of time. 

You too can experience similar or even better results by finding the right guitar teacher, who'll guide you through every phase of your development from an intermediate to an advanced guitar player and beyond. 


“Being an intermediate guitar player, it took me a while to search for a coach who understands my need for not starting from the start. Working with Dhanesh is amazing, he understands what I want to achieve through my guitar playing and caters exact to it. Thanks and highly recommended” 

- Pranjal. Progressive Metal Guitarist

How Would You Chose The Right Guitar Teacher For You? 

A good guitar teacher can bring out the best in you, no matter how inexperienced you are, whereas an average guitar teacher can make even an advanced guitar player progress ordinarily!

I realised that working with the right teacher is the biggest key to solving your guitar learning problems and keep progressing faster towards your guitar playing ambitions! 

Most guitar teachers follow a one size fits all method, and teach new lessons and songs in the same manner to each and every student, without understanding your individual needs and providing the right approach to fulfill those needs.


This approach does not work, especially if you are an intermediate guitar player looking to progress to much higher levels in less time. 

Intermediate to Advanced guitar players like you, need specifically focused strategies to quickly and consistently enhance your guitar speed, technique, musical knowledge, versatility, aural and creative skills.

These strategies should be further translated into unique ways of teaching, which is completely customised to your learning requirements

What you need is a guitar teacher that not only teaches you new lessons and songs but also:

  • Is trained to teach guitar and help Intermediate students progress faster

  • Understands your individual learning needs and teaches you in the most effective ways to meet your needs

  • Has a well thought out strategy for you to reach your individual guitar and musical ambitions

  • Has innovative and proven methods that has helped other students progress faster on guitar 

  • Teaches you simple methods to learn songs faster and perform them with ease 

  • Ensures that you understand your lessons and are able to use it musically

  • Shows you exactly what you should be learning next to reach the next level faster consistently

  • Uses fun learning methods to make the learning process more enjoyable for you

Learning guitar with a teacher is an investment of your time and money, so make sure you make the right choice.


"Learning guitar is a wonderful journey and learning here made it even better. I had tried learning earlier but found it tough and was losing interest. Dhanesh's motivational words and his innovative techniques helped me play guitar better.I regained my interest and started practicing more. I learnt lessons that are not only applicable to guitar playing but are totally life changing. I enhance my musical knowledge and learn to use it on the guitar which is very interesting. I would love to continue this wonderful journey of playing guitar and learn more"

- Ninad. Architecture Student 

What Do You Get Here?

To keep it short: Faster Results!

At Syncopation Guitar Teacher Pune, you learn to play guitar the way you want to, in the shortest possible time. 

Here are some more things you get:



Expert guitar lessons customized to your individual learning needs, so that you reach higher levels in less time

Easy ways to use your existing guitar skills creatively, to make you sound like a Pro

Simple solutions for your rhythm & lead guitar problems, so that you see progress every time you play 

Innovative teaching methods, so that you keep progressing even with a busy life  

A trained & certified teacher, who understands your specific learning challenges and helps you overcome them easily

A free introductory session with no obligation, so that you see for yourself what is possible


“Dhanesh is not only knowledgeable about different genre of music, but also has easy techniques to play them. Most importantly, the patience to teach - a must have quality for a good coach. He helped me learn few really amazing styles which enhanced my performance to a great extent. Thanks.”

- Param. IT professional 

So put an end to your guitar learning problems, and

start playing guitar the way you want to!

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P.S. I understand if you are unsure about the free intro session. Clicking the button does not sign you up for anything. It's a form that will help me understand your individual guitar ambitions better, so that I can help you reach them faster.

If you really want to learn guitar the right way, then don't wait and delay it any further and schedule your free intro session now.

If you still need more information about how learning here is the right choice for your guitar learning needs, click here to see what students have to say about their experience learning with Syncopation Guitar Teacher Pune.

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Dhanesh professionally and I have witnessed his dedication to teaching first-hand. He is able to break down complex musical concepts in a way that is not only understandable, but fun to play! I’d highly recommend anyone living near this school to immerse themselves in Dhanesh’s unique approach to learning!"

- Eric Dieter. Guitar Teacher & Musician