As a parent, you want to provide the best learning and development opportunities to your child, so that they can achieve success in later life.

Research shows that music is a highly powerful tool for faster development of self-confidence, analytical and many more life skills in children. 

Although, you've made an excellent choice by considering guitar to be the instrument for your child to get these benefits, it's highly important to think about how to provide your child the best learning opportunity to be successful at learning guitar.

What Is The Best Way For Your Child To Learn Guitar ? 

There are several methods to learn guitar, like the internet, from family members who play guitar, or regular guitar lessons from any teacher.


While it's possible that your child can achieve some success through the above mentioned learning resources, but there are many issues with them. 

  • Internet does not provide the interaction and help required by your child during the learning process

  • Friends and Family members who play may have themselves learnt it the hard way, and may not be knowing the right teaching methods

  • Lessons with untrained teachers can lead to slower progress and frustrations for your child



"Earlier I used to learn guitar in school but did not get much results, but then I joined Dhanesh Sir's class and saw a lot of improvement in me and had an all new learning experience . Sir has a very different way of teaching with the help of examples which makes it easier for me to learn and I enjoy my time playing the guitar and would love to learn many more things in my upcoming classes. Thank you sir"

- Mr Raju Kalyankar, Business Owner. On behalf of his 10 year old son, Daksh. 

Why Should You Choose The Right Guitar Teacher For Your Child?

Although it does not take any special talent to learn guitar, it takes special skills and methods to teach guitar successfully!

Most guitar teachers are good guitar players themselves, but that does not guarantee they have the right skills, training and experience to teach guitar, especially to children. 


Think about it!

If you want your child to learn a sport, would you send him/her to a person who plays the sport well, or would you rather send your child to a coach who's successfully trained others to play the sport?

Special teaching methods become even more important when it comes to children, that's why you don't see college professors teaching school kids. 

Not having the right guidance when trying to learn guitar leads to children feeling bored and frustrated and might end up quitting the instrument.This can be avoided by finding the right guitar teacher for your child. 

How Do You Find The Right Guitar Teacher For Your Child?

You must have a guitar teacher who makes the learning process interesting and exciting for your child

A teacher who understands your child's learning requirements and customizes the teaching strategy and methods to help your child learn the right way

A teacher who makes your child learn at their own pace, while keeping things challenging enough for your child to not get bored and progress consistently. 

A teacher who enhances the musical interests of your child, so that your child can reach higher levels in less time

A teacher who offers flexible learning programs and schedule for your child, so that it can fit in your busy schedule.

A teacher who has been trained to teach guitar, and has innovative methods to train children learn guitar faster

Why Should Your Child Learn With Syncopation Guitar Teacher Pune?

As a parent myself, I understand the desires you have for your child, and my goal is to deliver the best guitar learning methods for your child's success

Being a certified & experienced guitar teacher, I have learnt what it takes to successfully teach children to play guitar, and your child can experience the same benefits too.  


"Learning guitar is a wonderful journey and learning here made it even better. I had tried learning earlier but found it tough and was losing interest. Dhanesh's motivational words and his innovative techniques helped me play guitar better.I regained my interest and started practicing more. I learnt lessons that are not only applicable to guitar playing but are totally life changing. I enhance my musical knowledge and learn to use it on the guitar which is very interesting. I would love to continue this wonderful journey of playing guitar and learn more"

- Ninad, Architecture Student

At Syncopation Guitar Teacher Pune You Get:

Teaching style customized to your child's learning needs, so that they learn and understand the concepts faster

Innovative teaching methods and techniques to help your child progress consistently without frustrations, so that your child continues learning and reaches higher levels 

Flexible programs to suit your busy schedules, so that it doesn't add stress to your life

Specific development strategy for your child, to keep them motivated to reach their individual musical ambitions 

A certified & experienced guitar teacher, who delivers best possible lessons, to bring faster and better results for your child 

Lessons tailored to your child's learning speed, while keeping it challenging enough to make them learn at the best possible speed, while having lots of fun


"Really amazing and organised teaching. The lessons are very well structured for easy understanding of the concepts taught.The tricks I learnt here really proved to escalate my guitar playing quickly"

- Rohan. Engineering Student 

Give your child the right guitar learning opportunity in Pune!

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