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  • Are you new to guitar and not sure how and where to start?

  • Do you want to learn guitar faster through fun and enjoyable methods?

  • Have you failed learning from the internet and feel stuck at the same level?

  • Would you like to easily learn your favourite songs and perform them with confidence?

  • Do you struggle to find a lot of time to practice guitar?

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I understand how frustrating it can be to struggle with guitar, and why it leads to many people quitting the instrument after trying for a while.


Several students of mine had similar frustrations when they first approached me.

What I found is that, you can completely eliminate your frustrations and learn to play guitar through easier and fun methods.


“I'm very thankful to Dhanesh for giving me the knowledge I needed to easily start playing guitar. He knows how to handle a beginner student and his lessons are so easy to learn and understand for a common person”

- Anandu. MBA Student 

What's The Right Way For You To Learn Guitar ? 

There are many ways in which you may try to learn guitar:


  • Trying to teach yourself through videos or guitar tab on the internet, with slow or no results

  • Approach a friend who plays a bit, who is still a beginner or intermediate player who fails to teach you

  • Spending long hours working on a song, chord changes, lead guitar lines, but not being able to learn it

I myself have tried all of these methods as a beginner, and found that none of these methods can get you the results you want because:

  • Learning things randomly does not lead to desired progress in faster time, especially for beginners.

  • Things on the internet are general stuff and are not customized to your individual playing level

  • What if, there are easier ways of playing what you are trying to learn?​

  • What if, the friends you tried to learn from do not know how to fix your specific learning problems?

  • How will you get instant help and answers when you have challenges or questions while trying to learn something?

  • What if there are simple methods to learn and play your favorite songs and enjoy your music?

Through a lot of struggle, observations and experiences I found what it takes, to truly succeed in learning to play guitar the way you want to, and I'm going to share these with you!

These experiences should help you take the right actions, so that you can learn to play guitar in a much quicker, easier and fun way:


"Really amazing and organised teaching. The lessons are very well structured for easy understanding of the concepts taught.The tricks I learnt here really proved to escalate my guitar playing quickly"

- Rohan. Engineering Student 

How Would You Chose The Right Guitar Teacher For You? 

A good guitar teacher can bring out the best in you, no matter how inexperienced you are, whereas an average guitar teacher can make even an advanced guitar player progress ordinarily!

I struggled a lot in the beginning, either trying to teach myself, or following teachers who were not able to understand my requirements and help me accordingly.

But due to my relentless determination, I was fortunate enough to find the right teacher for me and everything changed instantly.


I started seeing faster results in my guitar playing and musical skills that I could never imagine before. 

I realized that working with the right teacher is the biggest key to solving your guitar learning problems and keep progressing faster towards your guitar playing ambitions! 

Most guitar teachers follow a one size fits all method, and teach new lessons and songs in the same manner to each and every student, without understanding each student's individual needs and providing the right approach to fulfill those needs.This usually leads to slow progress and frustrations for most students, especially beginners, eventually making them quit learning. 

What you need is a guitar teacher that not only teaches you new lessons and songs but also:

  • Must be trained to teach guitar beginners and helps you progress faster

  • Understands your individual learning needs and teaches you in the most effective ways to meet those needs

  • Has a well thought out strategy for you to reach your individual guitar ambitions

  • Has innovative and proven methods that has helped other students progress faster on guitar 

  • Teaches you simple methods to learn songs faster and perform them with ease 

  • Ensures that you understand every new lesson and use it musically

  • Shows you exactly what you should be learning next to reach the next level faster

  • Uses fun learning methods to make the learning process more enjoyable for you

Learning guitar with a teacher is an investment of your time and money, so make sure you make the right choice.


"Learning guitar is a wonderful journey and learning here made it even better. I had tried learning earlier but found it tough and was losing interest. Dhanesh's motivational words and his innovative techniques helped me play guitar better.I regained my interest and started practicing more. I learnt lessons that are not only applicable to guitar playing but are totally life changing. I enhance my musical knowledge and learn to use it on the guitar which is very interesting. I would love to continue this wonderful journey of playing guitar and learn more"

- Ninad. Architecture Student 

What Do You Get?

To keep it short: Faster Results!

You go from an absolute beginner guitarist to an intermediate player, in the shortest possible time. 

Here are some more things you get:



Expert guitar lessons customised to your individual learning needs, so that you learn faster 

Easy ways to learn songs quicker, so that you have more fun playing guitar

Simple solutions for your rhythm & lead guitar problems, so that you see progress every time you play 

Innovative teaching methods, so that you keep progressing even with a busy life  

A trained & experienced teacher, who understands your specific learning challenges and helps you overcome them easily

A free introductory session with no obligation, so that you see for yourself what is possible


“My experience with Dhanesh has been outstanding. He is very patient and had the right techniques to help me break a barrier in my Guitar playing”

- Lekshmi. Business Owner 

Here's how you can achieve your guitar learning ambitions quicker and easier!

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Dhanesh professionally and I have witnessed his dedication to teaching first-hand. He is able to break down complex musical concepts in a way that is not only understandable, but fun to play! I’d highly recommend anyone living near this school to immerse themselves in Dhanesh’s unique approach to learning!"

- Eric Dieter. Guitar Teacher & Musician